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KN – Journal of Cartography and Geographic Information (72/4)

Die Ausgabe 72/4 der KN enthält folgende Beiträge:

23; Dennis Edler, Frank Dickmann

Mercator’s Geometric Method in the Construction of His Projection from 1569; Gyula Pápay

Virtuality and Reality of Landscape: Theoretical and Methodological Problems in Their Capture and Representation; Hartmut Leser

Cultural Heritage with the Use of Low-Level Aerial Survey Techniques, Space Modelling and Multimedia Reconstruction of the Topographic Landscape (Example of a Windmill in Western Poland); Maciej Smaczyński, Dariusz Lorek, Tymoteusz Horbiński

Geospatial Big Data Platforms: A Comprehensive Review; Yassine Loukili, Younes Lakhrissi, Safae Elhaj Ben Ali

Cartographic Representations of Coastal Land Loss in Louisiana: An Investigation Based on Deviant Cartographies; Olaf Kühne, Lara Koegst

Flood Modeling and Simulation Using HEC-HMS/HEC-GeoHMS and GIS Tools for River Sindh-NW Himalayas; Mehlath Shah, M. A. Lone

Wann und wo treffen wir uns demnächst?; Präsidentenkolumne; Jochen Schiewe

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KN – Journal of Cartography and Geographic Information (72/3)

Die Ausgabe 72/3 der KN enthält folgende Beiträge:

Editorial: Special Issue “VGI and Geovisualisation”, Dirk Burghardt

Visualizing Point Density on Geometry Objects: Application in an Urban Area Using Social Media VGI, Moris Zahtila & Martin Knura

Visualizing the Off-Screen Evolution of Trajectories, Axel Forsch, Friederike Amann & Jan-Henrik Haunert

Analyzing the EU Migration Crisis as Reflected on Twitter, Sagnik Mukherjee, Eva Hauthal & Dirk Burghardt

Analysis of User Behaviour While Interpreting Spatial Patterns in Point Data Sets, Martin Knura & Jochen Schiewe

Uncertainties in Spatial Orientation: Critical Limits for Landmark Inaccuracies in Maps in the Context of Map Matching, Julian Keil, Dennis Edler, Frank Dickmann & Lars Kuchinke

„Tue Gutes und sprich darüber!“, Jochen Schiewe

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KN – Journal of Cartography and Geographic Information (72/2)

Die Ausgabe 72/2 der KN enthält folgende Beiträge:

Karten mit (geo-)politischer Botschaft, Dennis Edler

Ptolemy’s Methodological Principles in the Creation of His Map Projections, Gyula Pápay

Deviant Cartographies: A Contribution to Post-critical Cartography, Dennis Edler, Olaf Kühne

View of Cartography in Video Games: Literature Review and Examples of Specific Solutions, Tymoteusz Horbiński, Krzysztof Zagata

Designing Mixed Reality-Based Indoor Navigation for User Studies, Bing Liu, Linfang Ding, Shengkai Wang, Liqiu Meng

Automated 3D Urban Landscapes Visualization Using Open Data Sources on the Example of the City of Zagreb, Adrian Komadina, Željka Mihajlović

Experimental Analysis of Geo-spatial Data to Evaluate Urban Greenspace: A Case Study in Dortmund, Germany, Carsten Juergens, M. Fabian Meyer-Heß

Arsenic Contamination in Shallow Groundwater in Karimpur Block of Nadia District (West Bengal, India)—A Spatial and Geostatistical Approach, Anudev Mazumder, Gouri Sankar Bhunia

Karten zum Ukraine-Krieg: Ein unerwünschtes, wichtiges und schwieriges Thema, Jochen Schiewe

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KN – Journal of Cartography and Geographic Information (72/1)

Die Ausgabe 72/1 der KN enthält folgende Beiträge:

Die KN als internationale Fachzeitschrift?! Ein Blick auf aktuelle Entwicklungen (2019–2021) Dennis Edler

Exploring Descriptions of Movement Through Geovisual Analytics Scott Pezanowski, Prasenjit Mitra, Alan M. MacEachren

Space-Time Cube for Visual Queries over Metadata of Heterogeneous Geodata Chenyu Zuo, Mengyao Gao, Linfang Ding, Liqiu Meng

Accessibility of COVID-19 Vaccination Centers in Germany via Different Means of Transport Stefan Neumeier

Potentials of Digitally Guided Excursions at Universities Illustrated Using the Example of an Urban Geography Excursion in Stuttgart Lara Koegst

Räumliche Lärmanalyse anhand von erweiterten Floating-Car-Daten (xFCD) Matthias Vogt, Jukka M. Krisp

Gute Kartographische Nachrichten Jochen Schiewe

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KN – Journal of Cartography and Geographic Information Vol 71, Iss 4

Die aktuelle Ausgabe der KN – Journal of Cartography and Geographic Information (Vol 71, Iss 4) ist digital verfügbar. Folgende Beiträge sind enthalten.

Editorial Virtual and Augmented Reality in Spatial Visualization Dennis Edler, Thomas P. Kersten

Designing Virtual Spaces for Immersive Visual Analytics Ian Lochhead, Nick Hedley

Virtual Reality Application of the Fortress Al Zubarah in Qatar Including Performance Analysis of Real-Time Visualisation Thomas Kersten, Daniel Drenkhan, Simon Deggim

Different Levels of Complexity for Integrating Textured Extra-terrestrial Elevation Data in Game Engines for Educational Augmented and Virtual Reality Applications Claudia Lindner, Annette Ortwein, Kilian Staar, Andreas Rienow

Map Symbols in Video Games: the Example of “Valheim” Tymoteusz Horbiński, Krzysztof Zagata

The Impact of Augmented Reality Techniques on Cartographic Visualization Frank Dickmann, Julian Keil, Paula L. Dickmann, Dennis Edler

Potentials of the Three Spaces Theory for Understandings of Cartography, Virtual Realities, and Augmented Spaces Olaf Kühne

Präsidentenkolumne Reden Sie mit! Jochen Schiewe

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Neueste Ausgabe KN

Der Versand der Print-Ausgabe der KN – Journal of Cartography and Geographic Information (Kartographische Nachrichten) verzögert sich corona-bedingt etwas. Die neueste digitale Ausgabe kann auf https://link.springer.com/journal/42489/volumes-and-issues/71-1 eingesehen werden.

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Neue Ausgabe KN

Volume 70 Issue 2, June 2020

  1. Corona und die Natur Dietrich Diez
  2. Temporal-Spatial Simulation of Landscape Variations Using Combined Model of Markov Chain and Automated Cell Gholamzadeh Forozan und weitere
  3. Where Spatial Visualization Meets Landscape Research and “Pinballology”: Examples of Landscape Construction in Pinball Games Dennis Edler
  4. Quantification of the Land Potential for Scaling Agroforestry in South Asia Firoz Ahmad und weitere
  5. KN-Journal of Cartography and Geographic Information, German Cartographic Society e.V. (DGfK), Society for Cartography and Geomatics: News Mark Vetter